Vive le Double Down! -

Vive le Double Down!

Colossal KFC creation will stay on the menu


Americans are lovin’ KFC’s now-notorious Double Down sandwich: bacon, sauce and cheese held together not by bread, but by two signature fried chicken filets. In fact, they’re loving it so much that the chicken chain is set to surpass 10 million Double Down sales later this month. And that’s why KFC, which introduced the sandwich as a limited-edition item, has agreed to keep its caloric creation on the menu for good. (Or, at least, until demand for the 540 calorie/32 grams of fat/1,380 mg of salt meal runs dry.) The sandwich’s notoriety has spread in recent weeks, with celebrities like Stephen Colbert giving it the thumbs up, and every day fast food gorgers posting YouTube videos of themselves chowing down. ABC reports that “some have questioned the sandwiches’ nutritional value.” Umm… Duh?

ABC News

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