Warren Buffett joins Twitter

On May 2 at exactly 12:20 p.m. ET, Warren Buffett shared his first tweet.

In approximately 20 minutes the American investor and philanthropist, who once confessed he didn’t know how to check his voicemail, had secured over 20,000 followers. However he is currently not following anyone.

Buffet is known for not being technically adept: “For years, he repeatedly declined [Bill] Gates’ attempts to send someone over to set up a computer in his home,” reports the Wall Street Journal. “And he still doesn’t have a computer on his desk at his office.”

His first foray into social media was spawned by Fortune magazine in preparation for an interview he’ll do with them today for a panel called “Warren Buffett on Women and Work…and other Wisdom,” says the WSJ. “The magazine is billing it as his first-ever interview to incorporate social media.”

So far, it looks like Twitter is happy to have Buffet join their ranks: he gained nearly 20,000 more followers in the 15 minutes it took to write this.