'Way to go, Canada'

Congratulations are due for making a sympathetic figure of Ann Coulter

Esquire‘s Mark Warren, for one, would like to salute this country for its inability to handle the arrival of Ann Coulter. “You’ve achieved the nearly-impossible, and made Ann Coulter a nearly sympathetic figure,” he writes. “And you’ve got me defending the tiresome freak.” As he explains, that’s not how these things are supposed to happen. “You know, it’s funny: If you hadn’t as a country lost your shit last night, and the corrosive harridan had been allowed to freely speak at the academic institution which invited her to speak, you would have in turn been allowed to mock her and laugh at her and put her ‘ideas’ in the garbage where they belong,” he explains. “Instead, you frothed at her idiot provocation and you suppressed her speech and by doing so you have now made her ideas seem—to a certain cohort—much more potent and perhaps even important than they ever ought to be regarded.”


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