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Welcome to The Bull Meter


Every day, we’ll help you cut through the spin, the noise, and the, um, bull, you hear on the campaign trail by fact-checking those claims that make us all raise an eyebrow. To do so, our crack team will be using a rigourously established and soon-to-be world renowned—please don’t fact check this—Bull Scale to measure the truthfulness of these statements. The coveted “No Bull” status will be reserved only for those claims that are 100 per cent true, while the biggest whoppers will be called out using our patented five-bull, “Total Bull” designation.

Lying, equivocating, obfuscating politicians beware!

Heard something that doesn’t sound quite right? Send quotes from the campaign trail to macbullmeter@gmail.com and we’ll tell you just how much bull they contain.

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