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Welcome to Twitter, @Laureen_Harper_


Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s wife, Laureen Harper, has joined Twitter, with a new account under the name @Laureen_Harper_.

While Stephen Harper’s Twitter account is used mainly to tweet policy talking points and grip-and-grin snapshots from public events (and is quite obviously manned by a PMO staffer), Laureen Harper’s account already has a bit more personality, with a bio reading: “From Turner Valley. Wife of PM Harper and mother to Ben and Rachel. Lover of animals. Must have items include: hiking boots, snowshoes and tents.”

She was welcomed with a shout out from prolific tweeter and Treasury Board President Tony Clement:

And her first tweet was a reply:

Clement does have some solid advice for the Twitter novice, which he has learned from his own mistakes after calling out a 15-year-old teenage boy who had insulted his spelling skills.

Always good advice.

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