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AriZona Iced Tea goes out of its way to distance itself from its namesake state

Arizona’s controversial new immigration law is garnering a lot of negative attention for the state. There are calls for boycotts of everything from Arizona tourism, to concert tours, to Major League Baseball’s 2010 All-Star game in Phoenix. And that has some manufacturers getting nervous. AriZona Iced Tea is going out of its way to let people know that it actually based in New York. “In 1992, two hard working guys from Brooklyn with a dream created AriZona Iced Tea,” the company said in a statement released yesterday. “Since then … we have remained loyal to our family-run business based in New York. For the last 16 years, our headquarters have remained on Long Island.” It seems comedian George Lopez made a joke about the brand on his late night TV show, and that the company has been inundated with complaints.

New York Daily News

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