'Happy 2013 from orbit,' @Cmdr_Hadfield tweets

'Let's use Twitter to communicate like never before'

‘We’re waving at the whole world …’ Chris Hadfield welcomes 2013 in space

Astronaut Chris Hadfield has been chronicling his mission since its Dec. 19 launch. Here are a few of his most recent posts:

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@MikeOGlobal – we’ll celebrate the New Year when the clock strikes midnight, Universal Coordinated Time. Noisemakers, hats, grape juice :)Chris Hadfield
@McHugh – We are time travelling! Over the Western Pacific we are in 2013 already! Hard to keep resetting my watch …Chris Hadfield
@b3ko – I waved :) It’s New Years, so we’re waving at the whole world, and looking hard for fireworks as the clocks sequence through 12:00Chris Hadfield
As the clock strikes midnight Station time, we’ll be floating over the Indian Ocean. From our crew of 6 to the whole world – Happy New Year!Chris Hadfield
Happy 2013 from orbit! Let’s use Twitter to communicate like never before, see the year and the world through each others’ eyes.Chris Hadfield
Soyuz in the Desert – coming up to dock with the station with a view of the Sahara below. Hadfield
As he has been doing since before lift off, Hadfield presents his followers with sights and sounds from the mission:
Earth, Moon and Soyuz: Kevin Ford took this picture as we approached Station last week. Science fiction into fact. Hadfield
For those of you wondering how I could sleep with all the noise, here’s the volume of my dampened sleep station: Hadfield
For more station sounds, I’ve created a set on @SoundCloud of various noises recorded throughout the average day: Hadfield
We exercise for two hours a day to fight bone & muscle loss. The view while bench pressing is particularly distracting. Hadfield
Ultimate Leg Press Machine – from Europe, called MARES, we’re going to try and put this together this week. Hadfield
Like a torpedo tube, this airlock in the Japanese Lab allows us to put experiments out into the vacuum of space. Hadfield
Open the window cover and you suddenly see the harshly-lit Station against the velvet blackness of forever. Hadfield
Toehold in Space – when operating robot hand controllers while weightless, it’s good to have your feet stable. Hadfield
Docked to the mother ship – our Soyuz and an unmanned Progress resupply ship. Great view from the Cupola windows Hadfield
Hadfield spent Sunday taking photographs of Canada. He tweeted some of the results:  
I’m heading to the Cupola right now for a pass across the whole of Canada. Hoping for breaks in the cloud. Wish me and my camera luck!Chris Hadfield
Toronto in snow – how it looked from the ISS today, 30 Dec at 12:35 local. Hadfield
Kingston, ON in snow – how it looked from ISS today, 30 Dec at 12:40. Hadfield
Ottawa in Snow – how it looked today from ISS – 30 Dec at 12:40 Hadfield
Montreal South Shore, in snow (and a trace of cloud) – how it looked today from ISS, 30 Dec at 12:40. Hadfield
Barrie, ON in snow – how it looked from ISS, today, 30 Dec at 12:40. Hadfield
And more photos from Hadfield on New Year’s Day: 
Quebec City – La Ville de Quebec, le 31 Dec 12 a midi, de la station spatial internationale. Hadfield
Tadoussac, Quebec – a great place for whale watching. Photo taken at Noon on 31 Dec 12. Hadfield
Kitchener-Waterloo in the snow, taken from the Space Station on the last day of 2012. Hadfield
Cambridge Ontario in the snow, on the last day of 2012. Hadfield
PEI on the last day of 2012, as seen from a window of the Space Station. (11:00 AM, 31 Dec) Hadfield
The Alps are beautiful, even from orbit. Taken on the last day of 2012 from the International Space Station. Hadfield
Like a pointed toe into icy water – Long Point, Lake Winnipeg, from orbit. (30 Dec 12) Hadfield
The Space Station followed this valley across the Prairie – 30 Dec 12. Recognize where it is? Hadfield
The Rockies are beautiful, and very much so from orbit – What an amazing view! (photo taken 30 Dec 12) Hadfield