What hidden agenda? (Oh, that one)

The always entertaining Denis Lessard of La Presse has picked up on what Stephen Harper’s Conservatives apparently missed: the party’s candidate for  Saint-Bruno–Saint-Hubert is/was a member of a ultra-secretive Catholic quasi-cult that encourages the occasional self-flagellation of its members in the name of Jesus Christ. Oops!

It seems Nicole Charbonneau Barron neglected to mention her allegiances to Opus Dei, even though she was one of a handful of spokespersons representing Quebec’s 220 members during The Da Vinci Code fiasco a couple of years ago (scroll to the bottom. Warning: self-plug!), and gave ad hoc literary criticism of Dan Brown’s pulp during several press interviews.

To be fair, though, it’s not like she a, uh, prayer of winning anyways. In 2006, the Bloc won the riding by over 14,000 votes.

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