What women aren't talking about

When it comes to women’s health, topics that go undiscussed often relate to one of two things: intimate body parts or intimate relationships.

First case in point: There’s a fascinating recent study by the American Sociological Association showing that women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer often face a double burden—the disease and then its impact on loved ones. They struggle to relinquish the role of caregiver, can’t bring themselves to talk about their own fears and needs, and all that limits their opportunities for receiving support from others. This, obviously, can make treatment and recovery all the more difficult for them.

Then there’s this news from the Mayo Clinic, which found that many women have never been screened for colorectal cancer, even though it’s the third biggest cancer killer among females after lung and breast cancer. One of the biggest reasons is that women think of it as “a man’s disease.”

The message is clear, even if we don’t want to admit it. All kinds of cancer happens to all kinds of people. It could happen to you. Get tested and get help however and from whomever you can.