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Whatever happened to Eddie the Eagle?


We like to stay up on the latest developments, so have no excuse for missing this:

Eddie the Eagle is now known as “Eddie the Seagull,” as the Telegraph reported on Sunday.

The underdog star of ski jumping at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics showed up on the reality show called Splash! The Daily Telegraph calls the show, “so bad, it’s compelling.” Translation: “Surprise rating hit.”

Here’s Harry Wallop describing Eddie’s turn on the diving reality show, which stars Olympic bronze medallist Tom Daley:

“By night he is Eddie the Eagle, a reality television performer and after-dinner speaker, often to be found on cruises around the Caribbean being paid handsomely to talk about his life story. Currently, the latest episode of that is Splash!, where in the first round he was dressed in a ludicrous purple spangly costume. He looked like a bulked-up Mr Magoo who’d got lost in Pineapple Dance Studios.”



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