What's next for Omar Khadr?

The only Canadian at Guantanamo Bay in court today, future is as murky as ever

Barack Obama isn’t expected to waste much time before putting a stop to the secretive military tribunals taking place at Guantanamo Bay. An executive order ordering a halt to the proceedings could come within his first few days in office. However, until Tuesday, the Bush administration is still in charge and it’s pressing ahead with two high-profile cases. The first involves five men accused of planning the attacks of 9/11; the second is that of Omar Khadr, the Canadian citizen against whom charges related to the death of a U.S. soldier have been repeatedly dropped only to be re-instated again. Depending on the outcome of Monday’s pre-trial hearings, Khadr’s case could make it to trial as early as next week. But Obama is already being called upon to drop the charges against Khadr, after which he could face a trial in a U.S. criminal or military court, or be returned to Canada.

Toronto Star