While Canada Wept

Sometimes a press release is worth a thousand op-eds. Herewith revealed, the essential fecklessness of Canada’s attempts at conducting foreign affairs. All that seems to have been left out is the part where Rasmussen looks at Cannon and goes, “‘and you are…?”

Minister Cannon meets NATO’s Secretary General Rasmussen

December 3, 2009 – NATO, Brussels

Minister Cannon met with NATO’s Secretary General Rasmussen today. Many topics were discussed during the meeting, including the situation in Afghanistan following President Obama’s announcement on troop reinforcement.

They agreed that 2010 would be an important transition year for Afghanistan and looked forward to the conference on Afghanistan to be held in London in January 2010.

The Secretary General expressed his appreciation for the Canadian contribution in Afghanistan, saying “Canada is making a difference”.

They also discussed NATO-Russia relations as well as Canada’s firm commitment and clear plans in affirming its Arctic sovereignty.

The Secretary General noted he was looking forward to visiting Canada early in the new year.