Who are the real 40-year-old virgins?

Churchgoers more likely to be adult virgins, study shows

Contrary to popular notions, adult virginity is not so rare: about 14 per cent of men and 9 per cent of women have never had sex, a new study shows. According to New Scientist, those who attended church at least once a week were more likely to be virgins (five times for men; four for women) than those who attended less often. Virgins were also less likely to have had an alcoholic drink; and women with college degrees were over five times more likely to be virgins. Meanwhile, men who attended the military or spent time in jail were slightly less likely to be adult virgins. Male homosexuals were 11 times more likely to be virgins than heterosexuals, and female homosexuals were 6 times more likely to report being virgins. Weight, income and health showed no association with virginity. As for ethnicity, African Americans of both genders were less likely to report being virgins than any other group.

New Scientist

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