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Jumbo Beef Franks sues Oscar Mayer over taste test claim

Oscar Mayer recently ran full-page newspaper ads in the U.S. claiming its Jumbo Beef Franks beat the rival brand Ball Park franks in a national taste test. That didn’t go down well with Ball Park, which is now suing Oscar Mayer’s parent company, Kraft Foods, for false advertising. Sarah Lee, which makes Ball Park franks, claims that the ad is misleading, because it implies that Oscar Mayer is better than all of Ball Parks hot dogs, rather than the one variety that the taste test was based on. Ball Park also disagrees with the statement that Oscar Mayer’s Jumbo Beef hot dogs are “100 percent pure beef.” Kraft says it stands by its “accurate advertising.” The big, unanswered question now: if not pure beef, what else is in those Jumbo franks?

Chicago Tribune

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