Who's hankering for an election now?

Fewer Tories than you'd expect ... on the record, at least

With the Liberal opposition mired in existential disarray and government poll numbers on the rise, it’s become an open secret in Ottawa that more than a few Conservatives are starting to feel a bit wistful towards the prospect of a fall election. But, as the Hill Times reports today, few are willing to say so in print. In fact, even those cloaked in anonymity admit the party’s now familiar “no one wants an election” mantra may make it difficult for the government to reverse course and orchestrate its own defeat. “Our messaging has been for months that now is not the time, so it will be difficult to turn around and pull the plug,” admitted a “top Conservative” in an interview last week. Another unnamed Tory agreed. “It’s hard to change that story right now and there’s merit in continuing to govern and move forward, particularly when that’s your story line. There are certain people who look at poll numbers and get excited, God bless them, but the reality is that the next real threat will be in the spring.”

The Hill Times

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