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Who’s the boss?

Medvedev calls for reforms to Putin’s Russia


Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has signaled a dramatic break with his predecessor, current prime minister Vladmir Putin, by calling for deep reforms to the Russian economy and political system. “Instead of a primitive economy based on raw materials, we shall create a smart economy, producing unique knowledge, new goods and technologies, goods and technologies useful for people,” Medvedev said. “Instead of an archaic society, in which leaders think and decide for everybody, we shall become a society of intelligent, free and responsible people.” Medvedev’s proposal calls for government to become more transparent and corrupt officials to be rooted. The massive state-owned companies created by Putin don’t have a future, he said. Medvedev’s ability to deliver on these reforms will depend on who really controls Russia – the president, or his prime minister and former mentor, Vladimir Putin.

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