Why CIS won't ever attract NCAA crowds

Basic stats on players unavailable, security breach on website took weeks to resolve

One reason Canadian university sports fans (the few of you there are) will never attend Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) games in the same numbers as National Collegate Athletics Association (NCAA) games comes down to the numbers — or lack of them.

As David McClelland, of the Fulcrum newspaper at the University of Ottawa, points out, finding statistics on CIS’s website ( is next to impossible. To find information about a specific team, such as the schedule of games, a reader must dig through a huge list of all the game schedules and results in a given sport.

There’s also no guarantee that the information is accurate. “The database-driven site will often flood lists with zeroes if it doesn’t have any information entered,” McClelland writes, “and sometimes what you see is just plain wrong—I’m fairly certain, for instance, that more than one fan attended the CIS women’s hockey final in 2008.

The Fulcrum also reports that the website was affected by a security breach for several weeks this summer.

Read the Fulcrum coverage here.

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