Why Hockey Night in Canada sucks

TSN and RDS coverage "pounds the snot" out of CBC on a nightly basis, says veteran columnist

Mike Boone, the Montreal Gazette’s city columnist-cum-hockey blogger, takes no pleasure in bashing the Mother Corp. Well, actually, he does take pleasure. You can tell by the words he chooses. “I feel like I’m desecrating the sacred memory of two broadcasters who enriched my life: Peter Gzowski and Barbara Frum,” he writes. “Neither worked for Hockey Night in Canada, which has become “This Country and Its Morons,” aka “As It Doesn’t Happen,” aka “The Urinal.” The problem, he says, is that the game and its fans have left Hockey Night behind. The private networks in both French and English Canada have figured that out, adds Boone, but not HNIC, which seems to assume “its audience is sitting in a southern Ontario tap room, circa 1958, and waiting
for fights to start.”

The Montreal Gazette

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