UPDATED: Wiebo Ludwig released without charge

Police continue to search the home of the convicted eco-bomber in connection with the EnCana pipeline blasts

UPDATE: Wiebo Ludwig was released from custody on Saturday without charge. But police continue to comb his property in Hythe, Alta., with their five-day search warrant—which mentions “red and blue pens, writing paper, recording equipment and explosives, according to Ludwig’s lawyer, Paul Moreau.”

(Jan. 8, 2009) News reports say that Wiebo Ludwig, the eccentric head of a religious commune in northwest Alberta, has been arrested on his property outside Hythe, Alta., in connection with a series of EnCana pipepline blasts in British Columbia that began in October, 2008. Ludwig spent time in prison for a similar spate of bombings a decade ago, but had more recently offered authorities help finding the EnCana bomber.

Edmonton Sun

Toronto Star


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