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Wildrose country

Upstart political party surpasses Alberta Tories in latest province-wide poll


A new poll shows momentum behind the conservative Wildrose Alliance Party now gives it a double-digit boost over the Progressive Conservative Party, in power since 1971 but now in its worse slump in popularity in 17 years. A couple of months ago, the Wildrose Alliance was in a dead heat with the Alberta Liberals for second place, but had slipped passed the reigning Tories in Calgary. That was a worrying but ultimately unheeded trend for the Stelmach Conservatives, who’d already lost a long-held Calgary by-election in September to the Wildrose. Now charismatic Danielle Smith’s fiscally hard-nosed Roses are beating Stelmach everywhere, in the main due to Stelmach handling of the economy and ongoing questions about his team’s competence. A nice way to start the Christmas season in Edmonton.

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