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Will Barack be invited back a third time?

The President postpones his rescheduled trip to Australia and Indonesia—blames oil spill


Is he trying to send them a message? U.S. President Barack Obama has postponed a state visit to Indonesia and Australia for the second time. Originally scheduled for March, the week-long trip was first scuppered because of the health care fight. Now, the second attempt, scheduled for June 13, has been indefinitely pushed back because of the BP oil spill. Obama did telephone Prime Minister Rudd of Australia, and President Yudhoyono of Indonesia (who will both be at the G-20 in Toronto later this month) to convey his regrets. But as the Washington Post reports, the President’s decision to bail well in advance had a lot to do with the media. News organizations were forced to eat “hundreds of thousands” in costs from the last-minute cancellation in March, and didn’t want a repeat this time.

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