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Win Bill!

Bill Clinton offers himself as G-rated lottery prize to pay off Hillary’s debts


Bill Clinton has come up with an ingenious, if immodest, way to pay off the US $771,000 remaining of the US$25.2 million debt Hillary Clinton racked up during her failed presidential bid: he’s making himself the prize in a raffle. A online donation of as little as US$5 could win one lucky person a day hanging out with the former president New York. It’s the second time in a year that Clinton has served himself as a lottery prize to whittle down his wife’s debt, a remedy that makes some of their supporters cringe, the Times of London reports. (As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is barred from raising money herself to pay it off.) It isn’t simply that the Clintons, who earn a combined income of more than US$100 million are turning to small-base donors to erase the debt. It’s the the name of the creditor to whom she owes all the money: Mark Penn, her former pollster and chief strategist.

Times Online

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