Work stress raises women’s heart disease risk -

Work stress raises women’s heart disease risk

Those under 50 at risk due to job pressures


In a new study, Danish researchers asked more than 12,000 female nurses aged 45 to 64 about their pressures at work, and tracked their health for 15 years, ending in 2008. While there’s a lot of work linking work stress to heart disease in men, little exists about the impact on women; but by 2008, in this study, 580 nurses had been admitted to hospital with ischaemic heart disease (including 369 cases of angina an 138 heart attacks), the BBC reports. After taking other risk factors like smoking and diabetes into account, they found that those who described pressures at work as “much too high” were 35 per cent more likely to have developed heart disease than those comfortable with the pressure. By age, they saw it was only women aged 50 and under who were significantly affected, suggesting other risk factors could play a bigger role for women over 50.

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