World breathes sigh of relief as Romney wins Arizona, Michigan

Mitt Romney didn’t exactly dominate in Michigan, but he did win on Tuesday, and at this point, you have to imagine that’s good enough for him. The Republican frontrunner eked out a victory in the state where he was raised, securing 41 per cent of the vote and beating back Rick Santorum, who came in a close second with 38 per cent. Romney also captured a crucial Arizona primary by a much wider 47 to 27 per cent margin. Romney admitted in the lead up to Tuesday’s vote that his penchant for talking about his own wealth was probably hurting him. Couple that with his opposition to the auto bailout, credited with saving GM and thousands of Michigan jobs, and a win, even a tight one, in the Wolverine State looks more impressive.

“For a politician who often comes across as an out-of-touch rich weenie, he has shown an ability to take some blows that will serve him well later on,” the New Yorker’s John Cassidy wrote on Tuesday night. But the real winner, Cassidy believes, was Barack Obama. Had Romney lost, the odds of a Jeb Bush or Chris Christie entering the race would only have grown.