World's oldest leather shoe found in Armenia -

World’s oldest leather shoe found in Armenia

Dates back to 3500 B.C.; “stunningly preserved”


A 5,500 year-old shoe was found in Armenia on Wednesday. The shoe, about a women’s size seven, is made from a single piece of cowhide, laced along seams at the front and back with a leader cord, and was stuffed with grass. The shoe is an example of complex technology at the time: the hide was cut into two layers and tanned, and the leather would have likely been ‘wetted’ first then cut to shape to the foot. The shoe is dated to back to Armenia’s copper age, about 3500 B.C. It miraculously survived the centuries because it was sealed in several layers of sheep feces. “It is astonishing,” said Manolo Blahnik to the National Geographic, “how much this shoe resembles a modern shoe!”

National Geographic

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