Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer gets 2012 pay package of $36.6M

SAN FRANCISCO – Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer emerged as the Internet company’s second highest paid executive during her first five-and-half months on the job.

Regulatory documents filed Tuesday revealed that Mayer received a pay package valued at $36.6 million last year. Most of the compensation consisted of stock awards that Mayer got in July when she left a job at Google to become Yahoo’s CEO.

Most of the components of Mayer’s pay had been previously disclosed.

It wasn’t previously known that Mayer ranked second on Yahoo Inc.’s pay scale last year

Henrique de Castro, another former Google Inc. executive who became Yahoo’s chief operating officer in November, got a package valued at $39.2 million.

The Associated Press’ calculation counts salary, bonuses, perks and stock and options awarded to the executive during the year