Yemeni jet crashed with 153 people on board

Likely only one survivor; there was a Canadian passenger; and the plane was not supposed to fly

A spokesman for Yemenia, Mohammed Al-Sumairi, says that the search for survivors continues. He did not given an age for the child, which some reports have put at 5 and others at 14. Apparently a Canadian was among the passengers on board. The family of Emsumata Abdoulghani, an Ottawa woman in her thirties, believes she was on board the plane. The flight originated in Paris and stopped in Marseille before continuing to Yemen, where passengers and crew switched planes to an Airbus A310-300. The plane crashed while descending to Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport in Moroni in heavy winds. In Paris, French Secretary of State for Transport, Dominique Bussereau, told legislators that the Yemenia Airbus was not permitted to fly into France. The jet “presented a certain number of irregularities in its technical equipment.” The accident is the second major incident involving an Airbus jet flying to or from France this month. On June 1, an Air France flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris went down in the Atlantic, killing all 228 people aboard.


BBC News

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