"You are the criminals not us"

After months of silence, Encana bomber sends fifth threatening letter

It had been months since the latest installment in an anti-Encana letter-writing campaign in northeast B.C., one punctuated here and there by a pipeline bombing, six since October, 2008. But ever since the arrest of northern Alberta environmental activist Wiebo Ludwig in connection with the explosions—police released him almost as quickly as they picked him up—it almost seemed as though authorities had silenced the Encana bomber. Not so. Today, details of the latest missive, sent to the Dawson Creek Daily News newspaper, emerge: “Time-out is over!! The long and ‘hot’ summer is coming. You had enough time to reconsider your actions but you chose to push harass and intimidate people in our territories. We are growing in strength and now ready for actions at all your installations,” reads the letter. “This land belongs to us and our children not to you. You are the criminals not us. Be prepared for action as we intended to fight back with a range you haven’t seen before. Get out of our home lands and stop poisoning us or face the consequences!!”

Calgary Herald

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