You know you're in official Ottawa when...

You get trapped on a sidewalk with a four-person ceremonial bagpipe marching band, and have to mentally run down all possible protocol requirements that could apply before realizing – hey, if I scamper quicklike, I can zigzag to safe territory, just outside the frame of all those smartphone-bearing tourists.

(I just thought I’d share that before penetrating the perimeter at Langevin Block, or, as I like to think of it, Giorno Ground Zero, to listen for wailing, keening and/or the gnashing of teeth.)

UPDATE: You know, I’m not even sure I’d recognize Guy Giorno if I tripped over him (which is a distinct possibility since I’m currently wandering outside his new office, staring at my berry and uysing my batlike radar to dodge pedestrians.Mostly. Then again, he’ll probably stick out, what with the hood and scythe, right?)

Anyway, all quiet here. Further bulletins as events warrant.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Guy Giorno: Not at Hy’s. Well, not on the patio, at least.