The Bibliopod: The literary community's cronyism problem

This week we take on the debate over whether literature's cozy community is a problem with reviews, and much more

Anne Kingston and Brian Bethune, the hosts of Maclean's books podcast, The Bibliopod.

Anne Kingston and Brian Bethune, the hosts of Maclean’s books podcast, The Bibliopod.

Join us in The Bibliopod, a Maclean’s podcast about books. Hosts Anne Kingston and Brian Bethune weigh in on the literary cronyism that’s rife in modern book writing: Should friends be reviewing friends’ books? Plus: Who cares about poetry anymore, and is it redeemable? And a Q&A with Pulitzer-winning essayist Chris Hedges.

You can listen to the podcast below—it will be on iTunes, Stitcher and Beyondpod soon! If you like this, check out our other audio offerings, from our columnists reading their work to two other weekly podcasts on politics and pop culture.

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