A list of books by Nobel Prize-winning author Alice Munro

Here is a list of short story collections by Alice Munro, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature on Thursday:

“Dance of the Happy Shades,” 1968

“Lives of Girls and Women,” 1971

“Something I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You,” 1974

“Who Do You Think You Are?” 1978 (“The Beggar Maid” in U.S. editions)

“The Moons of Jupiter,” 1982

“The Progress of Love,” 1986

“Friend of My Youth,” 1990

“Open Secrets,” 1994

“Selected Stories,” 1996

“The Love of a Good Woman,” 1998

“Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage,” 2001

“No Love Lost,” 2003

“Vintage Munro,” 2004 (collection of previously released stories)

“Runaway,” 2004

“The View From Castle Rock,” 2006

“Too Much Happiness,” 2009

“Dear Life,” 2012