26 MPs sum up six hours and 47 votes in 140 characters or less

From the floor of the House, here's what MPs were saying during the voting marathon

26 MPs sum up C-45 vote in 140 characters or less

The government’s omnibus budget bill passed Tuesday night after six hours and 47 votes. From the floor of the House of Commons, here’s what MPs were saying during the voting marathon:

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#CPC’s absolute refusal to work with opposition tonight makes a mockery of Parliament. Cdns deserve better. #NDP #cdnpoliThomas Mulcair
Does anyone in HoC have an antihistamine for @KirstyDuncanMP ? #cdnpoli #allergyCarolyn Bennett
It is at this point that I start craving Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. #cdnpoliDr. Hedy Fry
What a gong show #NDP #CPAC see it 2 believe it!, James Lunney, MP
NDP demonstrating how *not* to look like a Govt-in-waiting. Again.James Moore
Tues nite is usually Wing Nite at Royal Oak for Lib caucus. NDP Wing Nuts are keeping us from Wing Nite. #cndPoli#LPCRodger Cuzner
I was proud to stand in the House tonight and vote in support of the Jobs and Growth Act, 2012 #cdnpoliStephen Harper
Am occupying myself, during the vote marathon in the House, by reading Nassim Taleb’s remarkable new book, "Antifragility."Scott Reid
Voting for a stronger economy via the Jobs & Growth Act, while getting tonnes of work done in the House.Jason Kenney
Last vote is on amendment 666. Shall I start singing #IronMaiden.Glenn Thibeault
After a night of voting to amend the cons #monsterbill it’s clear they see parliament as a nuisance – we won’t forget #cdnpoliPaul Dewar
Coming to our last vote on this brutal omnibus bill two and the Finance Minister is a no show. Second thoughts? #NDP #cdnpoIiNathan Cullen
Final vote…after 6.5 hours and yes we will win!Bob Zimmer MP
After 6+ hrs & 46 votes, we couldn’t amend #Conservatives very undemocratic omnibus budget bill. Bad for environment & Canada #ndp #cdnpoliFin Donnelly
Last Vote on Omnibus C-45. Proud to stand with our NDP opposed to the regressive Harper agenda #ndpnikiashton
Final vote in the Commons for tonight, won by the Government 155 to 133…Tony Clement
Now the dreadful vote (literally, the vote I dread) passing this horrible omnibus bill. #C45 loss of navigable waters protection. #cdnpoIiElizabeth May MP
Last vote on omnibus #BillC45 in Flaherty’s name and he’s not even in the House. Pathetic! #cdnpoIiRalph Goodale
2015 bring it onJean Crowder
And the winner is – the economy, jobs and long-term prosperity. Some will feel free to disagree, that’s okay. #cdnpoliLaurie Hawn
After 46 straight votes, not one free thinking #CPC MP to be found. #monsterbill rammed through without so much as a comma changed. #cdnpoliIrene Mathyssen
After 6 hours of voting, the Jobs & Growth Act, 2012 has passed in the House at Report Stage.Brad Butt
Marathon vote tonight passes Jobs and Growth Act 2012. Proud our Conservative gov’t remains focused on the economy.Lois Brown
The Jobs and Growth Act makes our economy freer than before, so I’m glad it past tonight.Pierre Poilievre
After 6 1/2 hours of voting, mercifully the mini-marathon voting comes to an end.Brent Rathgeber, MP
The day not a total waste of time after 6 hrs of solid voting on amndmnts while Gov think its bill is perfect.Hockey could be back! #cdnpolFrançoise Boivin

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