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A smelly caper and a smooth art heist


Northwest Territories: A bullet mysteriously hit a float plane flying over Yellowknife. The pilot was passing over the southeast side of Latham Island in the Old Town when something hit the side of the aircraft. He landed safely, but the bullet damaged one of the propellers and the engine’s bonnet.

Alberta: A 32-year-old man in Calgary survived a jump from a third-floor balcony while allegedly trying to escape police, but was arrested just minutes later. He was wanted for reportedly robbing a 95-year-old in her own home a few days earlier after a man broke into her house, pushed her and stole her wallet. Miraculously, he didn’t get hurt in the balcony fall. Not so miraculously, he now faces charges for breaking and entering and robbery, resisting arrest, and breaches of court conditions.

Manitoba: Police officers found themselves in a nasty situation when they found a $300,000 stolen tractor buried under almost five metres of manure. The tractor, found in the town of Fisher Branch, had been covered in dung since late December. It took two days to dig it out. Two people were arrested in the theft.

Ontario: A driver in Hamilton should have thought twice before lighting a cigarette while in the presence of a child. As police pulled him over to tell him to butt out, the man got out of the truck and fled, leaving the child and an adult woman behind. He had reason to worry: the vehicle he was driving was reportedly stolen. Police later arrested him.

New Brunswick: A well-dressed young man has allegedly stolen a painting by a renowned Acadian artist—not from a museum, but from the painter himself. The man came to see Romeo Savoie at his Barachois home and asked to buy one of his paintings; the artist says the man then walked out and never came back with the promised payment. Police have no leads in the theft.

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