Bob Rae accepts chairmanship of the board of FN Group Limited Partnership

VANCOUVER – Former Liberal MP Bob Rae has been appointed chairman of the board of the British Columbia-based FN (PTP) Group Limited Partnership, or FNLP.

The FNLP is a limited partnership of 15 First Nations along the proposed PTP pipeline route between Summit Lake and Kitimat, B.C.

The appointment comes as FNLP prepares to implement a $200 million commercial agreement with the Pacific Trail Pipelines Limited Partnership, the pipeline component of the proposed Kitimat LNG Project.

Rae resigned his seat in the House of Commons last month to represent the Matawa Tribal Council over resource development in the so-called Ring of Fire region 540 kilometres northeast of Thunder Bay, Ont.,

In those negotiations, he will sit across from retired Supreme Court justice Frank Iacobucci, who was appointed Ontario’s lead negotiator.

Rae said in a statement Wednesday he is “honoured to have been asked to assist” in the process in British Columbia.

“FNLP is an innovative model for how industry, governments and First Nations can co-operate effectively with respect to major economic development projects.”

“The successful implementation of the commercial agreement between First Nations, the PTP LP and British Columbia will be critical to the project moving forward successfully, which is important for the economy of the whole country.”