Chief #Spence: Hero or punchline?

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Chief #Spence and the end of her hunger protest

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Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence will end her liquids-only fast on Thursday morning. Surviving primarily on medicinal tea and fish broth since December 11, the decision to start eating solid foods came after an agreement from the Assembly of First Nations, together with the NDP caucus and the Liberal caucus, to sign Spence’s declaration entitled “First Nations: Working Towards Fundamental Change.”
Spence to end her hunger strike #idlenomore
‘So much joy on the island tonight.’ With Chief Spence. Warm spirits on the coldest night. #idlenomore (Photo: 3rdw) seesequasis
The 13-point declaration, which can be read in its entirety here, includes such priorities as a national inquiry on violence against indigenous women, as well as a review and consultation in regards to Bills C-38 and C-45.
Declaration created by Chief Spence supporters . Signed by chiefs across Canada Sterritt
Spence’s camp waits for chiefs, opposition leaders to sign declaration before ending fast National News
Liberals, NDP sign Chief Spence’s 13 point plan. Im sorry but since when was them signing any agreement meant anything?Chris_T
For his efforts in being a lead negotiator to help end Spence’s hunger protest, interim Liberal leader Bob Rae’s involvement was met with mixed reviews online.
Bob Rae on Spence to #aptn "I’ve been involved for some time now in trying to allow Chief Spence to end her fast with dignity."Kenneth Jackson
Completely different story when it comes to Bob Rae, whose compassion + understanding frankly shocked me, he visited Chief Spence unlike….M Y L È N E →moi!
It speaks well of Bob Rae that he’s trying to help Chief Spence climb down from the tall tree where she planted herselfNorman Spector
Why is Bob Rae talking to chief Theresa Spence? Trying to give her the credibility that she seems to have lost amid her community. #BobRaeLawrence Griffin
If Bob Rae signs Spence’s extortionate and absurd "declaration" I am out of the Liberal Party.James Dougal Fleming
And while Chief Spence’s efforts during the past seven weeks were met with plenty of praise online …
#chiefspence hunger strike is no longer! 44 days without food and walks out alive, wow, goes to show how strong woman can be Alexis Thomas
I have the utmost respect for Chief Theresa Spence! She is a woman who walks the talk!Virginia Beardy
Love and Light to Chief Spence today as she ends her courageous hunger strike… Your selfless act has done much for our people!Marilyn Jensen
Many thanks for Chief Spence for raising awareness on the situation of some of the poorest people in Canada. #IdleNoMoreRev_Vermette
Thank you Chief Spence for your extraordinary effort to hold Canada accountable for treaty violations – you helped open our eyes & hearts.Ingrid Mattson
Just spoke to Cross Lake Chief Garrison Settee. Calls end of Chief Theresa Spence and Raymond Robinson’s hunger strikes a victory. #cbcmbAngela Johnston
… some thought she ended her strike prematurely. Spence had initially said she would end her fast only after meeting with both Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Governor-General David Johnston.
Does Chief Spence feel she has accomplished what was intended ? I feel momentum was lost after PM mtg ..Shelley Mike
I’m really confused why Chief Spence would end her hunger strike *now* #cdnpoIi #PnPCBCKyle
Meanwhile, Chief Spence has not gone entirely without criticism for her liquids-only fast, sometimes referred to as a hunger strike. A Globe and Mail editorial on January 21 said “the hunger strike has run its course,” agreeing with an AFN regional chief that Spence’s fast “is not contributing to the AFN’s negotiations with the federal government.” One Toronto Sun headline said “Chief Spence wouldn’t be standing on ‘true hunger strike,’ says doc.”
Can anyone explain why Chief Theresa Spence is so adamant about meeting with a ceremonial figurehead? #dontgetitMark Robins
is it really a hunger strike if you’re allowed to eat certain foods? #firsthungerstriketogainweightFredy M
so i hear Chief Spence is ending her diet tomorrow …. oh sorry it was called a Hunger Strike my bad!OntarioNorth
So how much weight has Chief Spence lost so far? #cdnpoIiDon’tCallMeWilliam
15 minutes of spot light is DONE Chief Spence #idlenomore!!Dan Marlow
Never in my life, outside of the skinhead circles I brushed up against, have I see such overt racism as in forums about Chief SpenceCameron Campbell
With Chief Spence’s hunger strike ending, at least the posts about her weight (ungenerous attempts 2 discredit her cause) will finally end!Stephen D. Yeo
Supporters say Spence had an influence on bringing aboriginal issues back into the social discourse, encouraging debate over the Indian Act, aboriginal rights and the Idle No More movement.
Chief Theresa Spence made an impact … Nobody can or should dispute that. #idlenomorePam Blood
You may disagree with Chief Spence, it is a free country, but criticize her ideas not her person. Useful debate is not about personalities.Paul Lantz
I am proud of Chief Spence. She is a true hero to ALL Canadians. People, learn from her example! #idlenomore !Even Cool
Chief Spence is a Aboriginal woman national leader! She will always be remembered and respected by our FN peoples #IDleNoMore #ChiefSpenceKateri Sa’n
And, of course, Twitter showed a little humour about her reasons for wanting to eat solid foods again.
@ezralevant is it just coincidence Theresa Spence ends her hunger strike on Whopper Wednesday?Skip
breaking: chief spence ends hunger strike after ottawa #KFC agrees to point #13 and bring back the "double down". #hungrynomoreash
"Why do you think Chief Spence decided to end her hunger strike?" Because she was hungry.Jwt Lee
Glad that Chief Spence is stopping her hunger strike tomorrow. Gotta think fish broth won’t feature on her menu for a loooooong time.Anton McConville