Doug Ford's campaign set to begin

Hospital-ridden Mayor urged brother to start campaigning

TORONTO – Rob Ford’s brother is set to officially launch his campaign for Toronto’s top job today following a hospital bed endorsement he received from the cancer-stricken mayor.

Ford publicly urged his brother, Coun. Doug Ford, to jump into the race “wholeheartedly” and without delay in an audio message recorded from hospital hours before he was to start chemotherapy.

Doug Ford said he was looking forward to starting his campaign and “getting out there.”

He joined the mayoral race last week after Rob Ford dropped his re-election bid due to his serious health issues, opting instead to run as a councillor in the same ward he previously represented for a decade.

Rob Ford was diagnosed Wednesday with malignant liposarcoma – a rare and aggressive type of cancer that arises from fat cells and can attack a variety of soft tissues.

His doctor said he will be undergoing two rounds of chemotherapy before they determine the next step in his treatment.