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Stealing someone's iPhone doesn't work out so well if it's equipped with GPS

British Columbia: Stealing someone’s iPhone doesn’t work out so well if it’s equipped with GPS, as a Surrey man now charged with robbery discovered. The accused met the alleged victim online and offered to buy his laptop; when the two met in downtown Vancouver, the accused allegedly pulled out a gun and left with both the laptop and an iPhone. Police caught the suspect shortly after by using the phone to track his whereabouts. He is charged with using an imitation firearm, robbery, and possession of a dangerous weapon.

Alberta: A man surrendered to the RCMP in Whitecourt after firing a shotgun in his apartment 15 times in two hours in the hopes a neighbour would call the police so that he could “go to war” with them, say the RCMP. The man was bleeding at the time of the arrest. He has been charged with careless use of a firearm and mischief.

Ontario: A Toronto Transit Commission worker has been charged with assaulting a passenger. It is alleged the on-duty worker—on his way to his own route—boarded a crowded suburban bus and demanded a man and his son move further back before proceeding to shove the man into a pole. The worker surrendered to police the next day.

Quebec: A man called 911 in the early morning while driving on Montreal’s Autoroute Décarie, sounding angry and incoherent, according to police. When police cruisers arrived at the scene, the suspect rammed his car into one of them and charged toward others before speeding off. Police fired shots, wounding the man in his upper body. He faces a dangerous driving charge.

Newfoundland: The streets of St. John’s are a bit safer after police caught two drivers with a total of $32,000 in outstanding traffic fines between them. Neither had a valid licence or insurance, and both were charged with breach of probation. They were discovered during routine traffic stops.

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