Former Harper aide pushing for proportional representation

Guy Giorno says he is promoting electoral reform because it would be fairer and more representative

OTTAWA – The Conservatives’ former national campaign director is helping to spearhead a push to bring proportional representation to Canada — despite his own party’s apparent aversion to changing the current electoral system.

Guy Giorno says it doesn’t matter what parties and politicians think about electoral reform.

He says he is promoting PR because it would be fairer and more representative, producing a House of Commons where each party’s share of the seats reflects their share of the popular vote.

Giorno, who also served as former prime minister Stephen Harper’s chief of staff, is a member of a new, multi-partisan group that is launching Thursday to push for PR.

The Every Voter Counts Alliance includes former Privy Council clerk Alex Himelfarb and wide range of groups from YWCA Canada to labour unions, the Canadian Federation of Students and Fair Vote Canada.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised that last fall’s federal election would be the last fought under first-past-the-post rules, which routinely result in a party winning a majority of Commons seats with less than 40 per cent of the vote.