Fox News bored by RCMP's 'Project Smooth' -

Fox News bored by RCMP’s ‘Project Smooth’

From the Late Shift: Fox News, Project Smooth and a terrorist plot against ‘the world’s nicest people’


FOX News bored by RCMP’s ‘Project Smooth’

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It’s big news when an RCMP investigation foils an al-Qaeda terrorist plot aimed at a Via Rail passenger train. 

South of the border, however, Fox News’ Shepard Smith wasn’t impressed by what he considered less than stellar television. 
“It’s how they roll,” Smith told his viewers as the the RCMP explained the particulars of the case in French. 
“God love Canada, but they’re not great at the television.”
Shepard Smith on Canadian Newsmunrohouse
Canadians weren’t short on comebacks.
Unfortunately, Fox News and Shepard Smith are better at television than journalism.CNealHicks
@davidakin When the story involves Quebec you’re going to get French spoken. Shepard Smith will just have to suck it up.Matthew Couto
By approximately 9:00 p.m. tonight, Canadian indignation at Fox News’ Shepard Smith will reach deafening crescendo.David MacLean
Shepard Smith is uncouth disrespecting our culture and yes we DO television!!!Mary Jane
@acoyne Canada’s strategy in the war on #terrorism includes making it seem boringJunk Pitch
While many were intent on learning details of the first known planned al-Qeida attack in Canada … 
Project Smooth results in #terrorism-related charges. Learn more about how the #RCMP keeps Cdns safe:
… others were slightly distracted by the RCMP naming the operation “Project Smooth”.
"Project Smooth" #RCMP, #ViaRail, In Canada even our anti-terrorism operations sound super mellow and slightly sexyLovely Lemon
Project Smooth was headed up by Inspector Suave, ably assisted by Staff Sgt Debonair.Andrew Coyne
"Project Smooth" sounds like the name of a Space Disco song. I approve.Mike Moffatt
You would think RCMP would save the name "Project Smooth" for a pimp sting.Adam Treusch
RCMP’s operation to arrest Islamic terrorists plotting to derail VIA trains was called Project Smooth; why not Project Choo-Choo?Jon Hammond
The RCMP operation to catch those train terrorists was called Project SMOOTH. Still no word on Project SLICK and Project RAD DUDE. /kickflipMike
Project smooth sounds like a mission to shave your legs after winter.Merna
This plot to blow up a passenger train out of Canada is chilling. On a related note, who would like to join my R & B group Project Smooth?Nick Pinkerton
Hey, I’m glad they caught those terrorists, but "Project Smooth" sounds more like an MC Hammer record than an al-Qaida takedown… #cdnpoliGruesome Greg
Guess I won’t be using ‘Project Smooth’ as the title to my forthcoming nu-lounge albumMatt James
WHO names a Terrorist Operation: "Project Smooth"? (investigation) — and keep a straight face?RachelWells
Project Smooth is the most Canadian sounding anti terrorist operation ever.ABasu
At the same time, many jokingly questioned the idea of a terrorist plot against Canadians.
Cmon terrorists…Canada? Trying to antagonize the world’s nicest people really doesn’t strike me as a winning strategy.ian bremmer
Terror plot in Canada?? What are they pissed about, Bryan Adams?Chris Warshaw
The RCMP has arrested two men in Canada for an alleged terror plot. We gave the world poutine and maple syrup and this is the thanks we get?Ben
#Canada foils #AlQaeda terror plot! Now reportedly will torture suspects with nonstop #music by Celine Dion & Bryan Adams. #terrorism eh?Noman Ansari
Hooray for Canada. I’m a big fan of the place. I like to think the terror plot was foiled by Constable Benton Fraser from Due South.Marcus Payne
A few, meanwhile, were preparing for the next Oscar-winning movie from Ben Affleck.
@rcmpgrcpolice Great work keeping #Canada #safe. I’m sure Ben Affleck is already working on the script! ;) Go Canada Sorgo
I hear there’s a movie coming out about how the FBI single handedly thwarted a terrorist attack and saved Canada….. starring Ben Affleck.Bronwyn Marie West
For details on the story itself, Dale Smith writes about three things you should not have missed and a Maclean’s exclusive has more on the Via terror plot suspects.

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