Generous kids and why it pays to wake early -

Generous kids and why it pays to wake early


British Columbia: Turns out your toddler might not be so selfish after all. A study from the University of British Columbia shows that young children may be generous because it makes them happy. UBC’s Centre for Infant Cognition found that kids are not only happier giving rather than receiving, but are also the happiest when they share their possessions.

Manitoba: Hand-hygiene audits at Winnipeg hospitals have shown that, on average, health- care workers are only washing their hands half of the time they should. The goal for Winnipeg hospitals was to have at least 70 per cent compliance. Winnipeg isn’t the worst region for handwashing: research shows that hospital compliance rates across the province are usually around 50 or 60 per cent.

Ontario: Don’t hit snooze: a study from the University of Toronto shows that early birds tend to be more satisfied with their lives than night owls. Scientists aren’t sure why, but the study suggests it might be because those who are always up late aren’t in sync with the rest of society.

Quebec: We may feel love in our hearts, but now we know where the feeling originates.Researchers from Concordia University have helped draw a map of where love lives in the brain. Along with colleagues in the U.S. and Switzerland, they found that two brain structures, the insula and striatum, are responsible for the progression from lust to love.

Newfoundland: The mystery of why Newfoundland’s caribou herds are shrinking remains unsolved, despite one of the largest-ever animal population studies. The province, which launched its $15-million study in 2008, found that only 30 per cent of calves born each year survive. Some are killed by predators, but, despite enlisting universities from across North America to analyze the remains of dead calves, researchers have yet to zero in on an overall cause.

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