Gilles Duceppe says he wants home mail delivery maintained in Quebec

Bloc Leader says there should be a parliamentary committee to study the matter

    MONTREAL — Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe wants home mail delivery maintained in Quebec municipalities.

    Duceppe took aim Wednesday at Canada Post, accusing the Crown corporation of being arrogant in bringing in community mailboxes and closing post office counters in rural areas without proper consultation.

    The Bloc leader says the process is flawed and does not respect the wishes of municipalities and citizens.

    Duceppe is calling for a parliamentary committee to study the matter.

    Canada Post says it is committed to moving ahead with its plans _ originally announced in December 2013 _ to gradually reduce home mail delivery and install community mailboxes despite court challenges and calls for a moratorium by various Canadian mayors.

    The corporation says it has no choice but to go that route because of a continuing drop in letter volume.

    Canada Post converted 100,000 addresses that had door-to-door delivery to community mailboxes in 2014 and plans to convert about 900,000 addresses this year.

    Canada Post Group, which includes Canada Post, Purolator and other businesses, had a $198-million net profit in 2014, compared with a $29-million net loss the year before.