Good thing he didn't spill his coffee

Police blotter

Good thing he didn't spill his coffee

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New Brunswick: Three volunteer firefighters are among five people facing multiple charges of arson in Doaktown, N.B. (pop. 900). The men are accused of torching a number of unoccupied buildings in November 2008 and November 2009. One of the buildings, Billy Bob’s Bar, was set on fire less than one week before last year’s Firefighters’ Breakfast.

Ontario: A 22-year-old man is facing several charges, including possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana, breach of probation, impaired driving, failing to submit to a drug evaluation, and taking a motor vehicle without consent—all after he drove away from a Tim Hortons in Paris, Ont. Staff alerted police after the man went through the drive-through naked.

Manitoba: The same week Saskatchewan Roughriders linebacker Cory Huclack tried unsuccessfully to earn a Grey Cup ring, police were hunting for his father Dan’s stolen gold band—and the guys who stole it. Dan, a former Winnipeg Blue Bomber, had just left the doctor’s office when he felt a gun pressed against his back. Two men demanded money. He gave them $40. Then they kicked him in the groin, knocked him down, and stole the ring he had won when the Bombers beat the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in 1984.

Alberta: A 28-year-old Calgary man was charged with drinking and driving, and avoiding police officers, all while behind the wheel of a snowmobile. The man had sped by the RCMP detachment in Turner Valley twice on his sled before officers decided to pursue him. The cops couldn’t catch him on his third run past the detachment, but he made their job easier when he crashed into some bushes.

British Columbia: A 22-year-old Vancouver man tried to hold up Duffin Donuts with a knife. When police arrived, they found the man, who they say was intoxicated, slumped over with a puncture wound in his abdomen. He apparently passed out on his own knife.

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