What are Canadians thinking?

A review of survey results from across Canada

Atlantic Canada: Fifteen per cent of East Coasters claim that their hairdressers know more about them than their spouses. That’s tops in the country. The national average is 10 per cent.

Quebec: With just 51 per cent backing the Canucks during the Stanley Cup final against Boston—the team that knocked Montreal out in the first round—Quebecers are the least supportive in Canada. Meanwhile, 63 per cent in Ontario and 66 per cent of those on the Prairies were bleeding blue and green.

Ontario: Sixty-three per cent of Ontarians would like all films featuring smoking to receive an 18A rating—a mandate that would permit teens to have consensual sex and operate a motor vehicle before they are allowed to watch Pinocchio. Other films potentially implicated include Snow White, Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire and Alice in Wonderland.

Manitoba & Saskatchewan: While 26 per cent of residents are planning to vacation outside the country this summer, more than half will likely leave crowds of contemptuous (or very grateful) cabbies, doormen, and barmaids in their wake. Fifty-nine per cent of those surveyed admit ignorance when it comes to foreign tipping etiquette, while 43 per cent say they’ll tip what they would in Canada, regardless of the local custom. The majority of those polled, however, are aware of at least one custom: that it’s illegal to chew gum in Singapore.

Alberta: Six in 10 retired Albertans say they are living the retirement of their dreams—though ones apparently filled with regrets. The most common include having wished they’d saved more money (57 per cent), paid their debts down earlier (29 per cent), consulted a financial professional (27 per cent), and taken better care of their health (73 per cent). Emma Teitel

Sources: Ipsos Reid, Ipsos Reid, TD Waterhouse, The Heart and Stroke Foundation and The Ontario Coalition for Smoke Free Movies, TD First Class Travel International Etiquette Poll

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