Maclean's nominated for 18 National Magazine Awards

Read the Maclean's stories that were shortlisted by the National Magazine Awards Foundation this year


Once a year, the National Magazine Awards Foundation recognizes and celebrates the best stories, photos, design and more from Canada’s finest magazines. Maclean’s is honoured to have earned 18 nominations across 10 categories, among 184 magazines in the country. And it’s been quite a year in Canada. The rise of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the experience of early-onset Alzheimer’s, the racism problem in Winnipeg: these are just some of the stories we brought to the national table. We packaged an issue on space, unpacked an election, dug into the tale of a digger. “Maclean’s had a terrific year in 2015,” says Editor-in-Chief Mark Stevenson, “and we see that success reflected in the depth and breadth of category nominations. Our journalists produced terrific work across the board, from design to politics, investigative reporting and special projects, columns to long features. It’s wonderful to see their hard work celebrated.”

Here’s to an intensive 2015—and here’s our nominated work:

Editorial package

Space Issue
Maclean’s Staff

Best cover

Hurry Up and Die Already
Stephen Gregory and Mark Stevenson

Best Short Feature

The Last True Strip Club in Saskatchewan
Emma Teitel


Thank You, Margaret Wente, for Exposing Rape Culture
Anne Kingston

Passive, Aggressive and Pissed Off: Our culture of Perpetual Outrage
Emma Teitel

How Stephen Harper Forgot His Own Lessons
Paul Wells

Health and Medicine

Twin Miracles
Michael Friscolanti

Slipping Away
Shannon Proudfoot

Investigative Reporting

Ballet Betrayal
Nicholas Kohler

Politics and Public Interest

Vanishing Canada
Anne Kingston

Welcome to Winnipeg, where Canada’s Racism Problem is at its Worst
Nancy MacDonald

It Could Have Been Me
Nancy MacDonald

The Making of a Prime Minister
Paul Wells


The Great Escape
Nicholas Kohler

After October 22
Julie Smyth and Jonathon Gatehouse

Illustration and Photo Illustration

Mike Duffy in the Trial of the Century
Kagan McLeod

Photojournalism and Photo-essay

The Inuvialuit’s secret paradise at Shingle Point
Peter Mather

Running with the caribou herds
Peter Mather