Mike Duffy: King of the Hill

Maclean's preview: A sneak peek at what Jonathon Gatehouse has learned about the senator non grata

Ryan Carter

No one recalls exactly when Mike Duffy got the nickname “the Senator”—within a couple of years of his 1972 arrival on Parliament Hill as a chubby cub reporter for the CHUM radio group is the best guess. The mock honorific had certainly stuck by the time he made the transition to CBC television in 1977. And by the mid-1980s, when he was the biggest name in Ottawa—vastly more popular than the politicians he covered—it wasn’t really a joke anymore. Mike knew everyone.

And everyone knew he wanted a seat in the red chamber.

In our Maclean’s ebook, senior writer Jonathon Gatehouse tells the complete story of Canada’s senator non grata.

As Gatehouse explains in the video below, Duffy may be on his way out, but he’s not going quietly:

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