19 tourists stranded on ice floe in Nunavut await military rescue planes

ARCTIC BAY, Nunavut – Rescue officials are trying to help a group of tourists who are stuck on an ice floe in Nunavut.

The 19 tourists and 12 hunters were trapped on a massive floe when it broke away from the shore and floated several kilometres out, apparently overnight.

The chunk of ice floated back to shore Tuesday afternoon near Lancaster Sound during high tide.

The hunters made it back to shore but the tourists can’t make it to shore from where they are on the ice floe.

A Hercules aircraft dropped life rafts for the tourists and the Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre at Canadian Forces Base Trenton is sending more aircraft to the scene.

The hunters had reached the area on snow machines from an undisclosed community to hunt whales, while the tourists were with Arctic Kingdom Expeditions about 12 to 16 kilometres from the hunters.