Police blotter: one very bad driver, and a prisoner break

A roundup of odd police reports from across the country

British Columbia: A man arrested after crashing his friend’s Jaguar into a Victoria home was busted again eight hours later while driving the same friend’s minivan, this time with an open beer in hand. The driver, 51, first plowed the sports car into a home at 2 a.m., crashing through a storage area and pushing a bed—and its terrified occupants—up against a wall. He was arrested, charged and released, only to be picked up again hours later while cruising the streets in his friend’s Caravan.

Saskatchewan: An NDP campaigner accused of signing up 1,100 members of the Flying Dust and Waterhen Lake First Nations to his party without their knowledge pleaded guilty to attempting to utter forged documents. Ernest Morin, a former president of the provincial party’s Aboriginal wing, received a $3,000 fine. He was volunteering for then-leadership candidate Ernest Lingenfelter—who went on to lead the NDP to a crushing defeat in last November’s provincial election.

Ontario: Two men have been charged in a series of arsons that struck London massage parlours and one strip club. Famous Flesh Gordon’s, along with Virginia’s and the Blue Lagoon II, were torched on a single night. Police believe the crimes may be gang related; Flesh Gordon’s is owned by a Hells Angel.

Nunavut: A woman was arrested at the Iqaluit airport after police found 16 pounds of marijuana in her luggage. The pot was stuffed into empty snack boxes. Police released a photo after the bust with the goods lined up in vacuum-sealed bags in front of open containers of Thinsations, Premium Plus crackers and Pita Bites.

Nova Scotia: A shackled man escaped from a moving sheriff’s van in Dartmouth, leading police on a four-hour chase before eventually turning himself in. The man was seen trying to saw his irons off. Police believe he kicked out the back window of the van with his cowboy boots. Nobody noticed he was missing until they arrived at the courthouse.