Police blotter: Pizza heists and theft by sword

Our roundup of bizarre police reports from across the country

British Columbia: RCMP in Surrey are investigating after a number of pizza delivery drivers were robbed. In three recent incidents, a gang of teenagers ordered up more than $100 in pizza using undisclosed phone numbers and misleading addresses. When the drivers came with the pizza, the teens mugged them by threatening to assault the drivers with bear spray.

Saskatchewan: Two men wearing masks wielded a sword while robbing a store in Saskatoon last week. Shortly after, about eight blocks away from the scene of the crime, the police, acting on a tip from a witness, stopped a vehicle and recovered the sword, cash and other items from the car. Three men and a woman were arrested.

Ontario: Thieves chose the wrong house to try to break into recently. When they cut the phone line to Joel Matlin’s Toronto home, an electronic voice inside the house bellowed “phone line cut,” waking Matlin’s stepson. He yelled and scared off the trio. All the high-tech security system was provided by AlarmForce Industries, whose president is Joel Matlin. Police arrested three men in connection with the incident.

Quebec: Montreal police arrested a 16-year-old boy last week for the theft of a GPS system. While surfing the Internet, the owner of the device recognized his stolen GPS for sale on an online auction website and set up a sting operation to catch the seller. Before the arranged sale, the man contacted the police, who found other stolen GPS units at the boy’s home.

Nova Scotia: Residents in Dartmouth alerted police after a man went door to door in their neighbourhood offering to sell drugs. When police later arrested the 43-year-old man, they recovered a variety of drugs, including Valium, OxyContin and clonazepam. The man was also carrying a brass-knuckle-switchblade combo weapon.