Scenes from outside the summit: Day 2

On Saturday, protesters and police clashed in the streets of downtown Toronto

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10:38 pm [Stephanie]

This is at Yonge and Front. Despite reports to the contrary, there are no protesters, but a lot of of police—all in full riot gear.

6:44 pm [Stephanie]

Protesters at Yonge and King chanting, "You're sexy, you're cute, take off your riot suit."

5:45 pm [Josh]

At Yonge and Wellington: A cop directing traffic yells, “Hey, stop,” at a woman walking east and runs quickly toward her. He backs her up against the wall of an office building and asks her where she’s going. He demands to know what’s in her black backpack. She starts rifling through and pulls out a plastic baggie with water bottles in it. Another cop has joined the interrogation. He yanks the baggie out of her hand and starts unscrewing the bottles and smelling the contents. He looks alarmed and yells at her not to touch her bag and tells her to produce ID. She reaches into her pocket and passes him her passport. They run her name through the system and then let her go. “If there’s a risk of being tear gassed you can place vinegar on a medical mask or a bandana to neutralize it,” says Claire Morcos, explaining what was in the offending bottle. “I brought it down with me to essentially protect myself.” Morcos says she is here to videotape the protests, not to protest.

4:49 pm [Stephanie]

The 'rubber' bullet is made of hard, hard plastic. I'm going to make sure I avoid getting hit by one of those.

3:53 pm [Stephanie]

Protesters move east.

3:48 pm [Stephanie]

A burning police car at Bay and King—the riot flares up (ha!).

3:42 pm [Julia]

Riot police march down Queen west after face-off between cops and protesters.

3:39 pm [Julia]

Impossible to move around Queen St with riot police blocking everything.

3:27 pm [Josh]

was on. I didn’t know what to expect. I just wanted to have dinner up in the CN tower and now I know that’s not possible.” At least she doesn’t have luggage like some of the passengers, she says. “]

3:25 pm [Josh]

A Canada Coach bus from Niagara Falls, Ont. drops off it's passengers on the side of the road. The bus driver can't get any closer to the Bay bus terminal because police have blocked the route.

3:14 pm [Stephanie]

Riot police barricade Queen St.

3:14 pm [Stephanie]

Anarchists at Spadina and Queen smash a cop car.

3:06 pm [Stephanie]

A flare gets tossed at Queen and Spadina by the Communist delegation. They have helmets on and their faces covered.

2:52 pm [Josh]

Things are tense down here at Spadina and Richmond. The black-clothed group is chanting "No G20 on stolen native land." Most people here are not wearing masks or bandanas. Chants of "Fuck the police" lasted only about 30 seconds. Helicopters are flying low over head.

2:46 pm [Stephanie]

They are the anarchists. A friend on the street says they call themselves CLAC and plan to storm the fence at some point.

2:41 pm [Josh]

About 30 people in black masks were gathered at Queen and Spadina. The security guard at H&M said he figures the CIBC bank on the corner is where any action would be.

2:40 pm [Julia]

Jim Blight takes a coffee break at Queen and Spadina. He is partially blind and says protesters and people in the marches helped him to the cafe when the lines of riot police blocked him from getting to work at King and John. "I'm not scared," he says. "I could hear the protests. I heard Indian protesters getting angry at the Indian goverment... lots of yelling." He adds: "But most people were very kind and helpful."

2:34 pm [Julia]

Riot police lurk in the background.

2:06 pm [Julia]

Southern Ontario Anarchy Resistance (SOAR) protesting on University Ave.

2:02 pm [Julia]

March down University Ave

1:28 pm [Julia]

"Shame on China, the world is watching… Stop the killing. China out of Tibet now. Free Tibet."

12:53 pm [Julia]

Seamus Parker of London, Ontario says he was searched three times by police and stopped about eight times after he got the sign he's holding. He says cops took the stick off the bottom of the sign telling him " this is a weapon."

12:42 pm [Julia]

12:34 pm [Julia]

Paramedics lined up and ready for the protests on University.

12:33 pm [Julia]

Greenpeace protesters on College.

12:12 pm [Julia]

Police at the fence.

12:12 pm [Julia]

Police ask for the seal's identification.

12:07 pm [Julia]

PETA protestors in full seal uniform are hoping to pressure the government to stop "the internationally condemned seal hunt. It's a stain on canadas reputation." Emily Lavender, who has been following the PM in full seal garb for about a year says, "I'm at Harper's doorstep almost every morning protesting the seal hunt. This is Canada's shame and he needs to understand that."

11:50 am [Julia]

Shops on Yonge St hunker down.

11:49 am [Julia]

Police ride up Yonge St. Near the Eaton Centre. It's rainy and streets are quiet. There are cops on most every corner.

11:47 am [Julia]

Gaetan Herouk gave an impassioned speech on behalf of OCAP at a press conference in Allan Gardens this morning. He helped to organize the tent city that went up in the park overnight to juxtapose the sumptuous hotels G20 leaders would sleep in. "We are trying to highlight the fact that there are thousands of people in Toronto living in these conditions," he said.

11:44 am [Julia]

Abdullah Alhomoud of Montreal is one of many demonstrators who came in from out of town to protest. The 21-year-old student said he brought a gas mask, but he doesn't plan to get violent. He simply wants to show that "it's not up to the G20 leaders to make decisions for the rest of the world. The people should decide."

10:52 am [Julia]

Protester Niki Thorne says her home in west Toronto was raided by police this morning.

9:43 am [Julia]

What's left of tent city at Allan Gardens Saturday morning. The rain may hamper today's protests.