School to A+ professor: You’re fired

FULL COVERAGE: The story behind the dismissal, a Q&A with former prof Denis Rancourt, and one student's critique

The University of Ottawa has fired physics professor Denis Rancourt, who made headlines last year for his unusual pedagogical methods, including promising all of his students an A+. Rancourt says he will continue to fight the dismissal, claiming this is a violation of his academic freedom. The Association of Professors at the University of Ottawa says he is the first tenured professor fired by the university in at least 25 years. But at least one former student has come forward to say that Rancourt “didn’t teach at all” and was largely out to further his own personal agenda. Maclean’s OnCampus has complete coverage:

Q&A with former professor Denis Rancourt: Fired University of Ottawa prof on what he plans to do next

One former student’s critique: “He didn’t teach at all” and “Rancourt said we had become ‘brainwashed peons‘ “

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